Annual Conference 2021

Welcome to the Annual Conference of the Swedish Society of Biomechanics 2021, 18th of March 2021!

Due to the pandemic, it will be held online on the 18th of March between 10.00-16.00. Please reserve the date and times. During the day, we will hold the SSB General Assembly meeting online. We will among other things inform you about ISB2021 in Stockholm and hold elections for the next council, for the accountant, and the nominating committee. If you are interested in getting engaged in the society, please contact me or the election committee directly (Christian Gasser ( and Nazanin Emami (


10.00 Welcome address
10.10 Keynote – Assoc. Prof. Max Ortiz Catalan (Chalmers University)
“Neuromusculoskeletal prostheses: A new generation of artificial limbs”
10.40 Short presentations
12.00 LUNCH
13.00 Keynote – Prof. Taija Finni (Univ. Jyväskylä, Finland).
“Insights into Achilles tendon function in health and disease”
13.30 Short presentations
14.30 SSB General Assembly
15.15 BREAK
15.30 Vote for best presentation + concluding remarks
16.00 End of meeting & start of social get together

Short presentations – Morning session (10.40-12.00)

  1. Asta Danauskiene (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) High Density and Bipolar sEMG Based Ankle Joint Torque Prediction Using Machine Learning
  2. Johanna Liljedahl (GIH, The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences) The relationship of leg strength and cycling performance in internationally competing para-cyclists with impaired motor coordination
  3. Leonardo Tanzi (Politecnico di Torino / KTH Royal Institute of Technology) Hierarchical fracture classification of proximal femur X-ray images using a multistage Deep Learning approach
  4. Maria Pierantoni (Lund University) A synchrotron phase contrast micro-tomography approach to uncover how in vivo loading affects the Achilles tendon microstructure
  5. Questions presentations 1-4
  6. Binbin Su (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) Neuromechanical simulation with predicted ground reaction force in a reflex-based model
  7. Elin Törnquist (Lund University) Dual modality neutron and X-ray tomography for enhanced image analysis of the bone-metal interface
  8. Fredrik Olsson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) Plug-and-play joint axis identification in inertial motion capture
  9. Susanne Lewin (Uppsala University) Comparison of PMMA and low-modulus PMMA in computational discoplasty models
  10. Questions presentations 5-8
  11. Thomas Notermans (Lund University) Predicting the effect of reduced loading level and cell distribution on spatio-temporal Achilles tendon healing
  12. Sophia Bäck (Linköping University) Tracking the Motion of the Left Atrial Appendage in Time Resolved CT for Cardiac Simulations
  13. Zhongzheng Wang (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) Quantitative Comparison of Fascicle Length in Lower Limb Muscles using 3D Freehand Ultrasound and Diffusion Tensor Imaging
  14. Jonatan Jungmalm (University of Gothenburg) Biomechanics concept inventory for Sport coaching-students. Does language matter?
  15. Questions presentations 9-12

 Short presentations – Afternoon session (13.30-14.30)

  1. Israel Luis Peña (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) Which metabolic cost models most accurately predict energetics at different speeds of walking?
  2. Joeri Kok (Lund University) Finite element models of the femur including vessel holes
  3. Michael Pujari-Palmer (SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala) Developing a test model of joint arthrodesis, with a tissue adhesive
  4. Gustavo Orozco (Lund University) A numerical model to simulate crack propagation in articular cartilage under cyclic loading
  5. Longbin Zhang (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) Lower-limb Joint Torque Prediction using Multi-Step Deep Learning Approach
  6. Questions presentations 1-5
  7. Maria Östman (SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala) In vivo motion analysis of cervical spinal fusion, enabled by a ceramic implant, in a porcine model.
  8. Jerker Karlsson (Linköping University) Effects of age and sex on isotropic and anisotropic wall stress in the human abdominal aorta based on in-vivo data.
  9. Isabella Silva Barreto (Lund University) Nanoscale characterization of collagen structural response to in situ loading in the rat Achilles tendon
  10. Zhou Zhou (Stanford University / KTH Royal Institute of Technology) White matter tract-oriented deformation is dependent on real-time axonal fiber orientation
  11. Questions presentations 6-9

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