Positive news for the end of the year

Looking back on this year it may be difficult to see the positive through the negative, but that does not mean that it was all negative and that we cannot look forward to a new year with new opportunities. So, we would like to share some positivity with you.

First of all, the SSB board has received the good news that the president of KTH will fund the KTH BioMEx Center for 3 more years. This means that, like past years, BioMEx will likely sponsor more of our meetings and we can continue to meet and share our expertise with each other.

On the point of meetings, the board is planning an online meeting during spring, because we know everybody has been working hard this year and should get an opportunity to present their work. Additionally planning of the 2021 conference of the International Society of Biomechanics in Stockholm is fully operational and it looks like it will be at least partly be possible to meet in real life (https://isb2021.com/)! It will be great to meet many people from our society there in person.

Also looking back just a little bit, it hasn’t been all bad. Just in the past weeks two of our board members received some amazing news:

Hanna Isaksson has received the highly sought after consolidator grant from the European Research Council: http://www.lth.se/article/prestigefyllda-anslag-till-tvaa-lundaforskare/

Toni Arndt has received the large scientific award from Sveriges Centralförening för Idrottens Främjande: https://www.gih.se/OM-GIH/Press-och-media/Pressmeddelanden/Toni-Arndt-far-SCIFs-stora-vetenskapliga-pris/

With all this positivity, we hope to inspire everybody to stay optimistic and look forward to a positive 2021.

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